Top 10 Characteristics of Eubacteria-
* These organisms are unicellular.
* You can find them just about everywhere. For example, then can be in the human body and they can even be found in our food!
* They can obtain energy by breaking down organisms and some even use photosynthesis. 
* Some move by using their flagella to make them twist, turn, and basically swim around. Others, can just move because they are able to. Lastly, some just do not move at all.
* Most are helpful rather than harmful.
* These organisms reproduce by binary fission.
* Eubacteria are very small.
* The most common shapes are coccus­spherical, bacillus, ­cylindrical, and spirillum­helical. 
* There sare no other organims exactly like eubacteria.
* Most have a rigid cell wall.