Basic Characteristics of all Animals:

* All animals are eukaryotes.
* Most animals can move.
* All animals are multicellular.
* Most animals reproduce sexually, but a select few reproduce asexually. 
* Most animals can respond to stimuli.
* Animals cannot make their own food therefore, all animals are heterotrophs. 
* Animals get energy from the food that they eat. 
* Most animals are diploids.
* Animals do not have cell walls and do not go through photosynthesis like plants do.
* There is about 3-30 million animal species estimated to be on earth.
The Nine Animal phyla:

Focus on the Fennec Fox 
* Vertebrate 
* Located in Phylum Chordata
* The scientific name is Vulpes zerda
* Found in Sahara of North Africa.
* They are nocturnal obnivores. They commonly eat insects, rodents, bird, and eggs. 
* They use their legs to move and they can jump up to two feet high. 
* These are animals that mate for life, they give live birth, and between one and four kits are born at a time. When born, the newborn kits's ears cover therir eyes for about ten days.
* The life span is up to 12 years for a captive Fennec Fox and up to ten years for a wild Fennec Fox.